Thursday, April 10, 2008

Manchester United will rule the Europe again!

This is the time for Manchester United to rule the Europe again. Do you feel it? Well, I didn't
watch the champions league game against Roma today, but from the news I read and also from the starting lineup I can't stop thinking this year we will win the champions league again.

Can you imagine we won 1-0 against Roma without Ronaldo, Scholes and Evra. Rooney also came out from the bench. When I saw this lineup I thought it was very risky, but in the end we win 1-0, thanks to a goal by Tevez. This is the proof that Man Utd have deep squad this time and I think we can win the champions league this time.

One think that make me worry is our defence, after the Boro game we don't have both our centreback. We already miss Vidic around three weeks and Rio also doubt for today game. However after today game my worries are gone. We got Silvestre and Gary back. Silvestre play for 90 minutes and Gary came on as substitute. Besides we got very good and young defender in Gerard Pique, I think he is really good and Sir Alex shoud give him more chance in the first team.

So, after defence don't become a problem, our chance to rule Europe this time become bigger. We got excellent midfield and very good striker and more than capable goalkeeper. In the end this year will be the year of Manchester United

Glory Manchester United!

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tri said...

I agree that in this season MU is in the best performance. Salut.
keep trying ronaldo and friends.
but, I'm a big fan of liverpool.
so, keep the fighting spirit, not the spirit for fighting.
see u in final