Thursday, April 24, 2008

Barcelona - Man Utd 1st Semi Result (0-0)

First leg champions league between Manchester United and Barcelona is over. The final result is a draw (0-0).

Personally I am disappointed with the way Man utd play. Barcelona played some good football and actually they deserve to win. From my point of view, Man Utd play defensive and I don't like it. Man Utd should play attacking football.

I know the strategy they using was the same against Roma, tight defense and counter attack. However lost the ball easily in the middle, miss passing and so on, I almost cannot watch it. Man..., in 90 minutes Barcelona keep attacking and make me worry. Messi particularly play very well, Yaya Toure also play some good football. In statistics, Barcelona play much much better than us.

The good thing for Man Utd is we didn't concede a goal. Defensive players and the goalkeeper play very good. Ronaldo and Rooney in other hand not in their good form. I think the best player for us is Rio Ferdinand. Paul Scholes also play a good game.

We should gone up front in first half, unfortunately Ronaldo miss a penalty and didn't get the second one. I just hope in 6 days at Old Trafford we can win the game but before that beat Chelsea and make us premier league champion.

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