Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Man Utd - Barcelona (first round)

Today we have the first leg of champions league against Barcelona at Nou Camp. The team went to Barcelona with full strength. If I'm not mistaken we only miss Louis Saha, even Fletcher and Gary are in the team that go to Barcelona.

I really hope we can get good result in there. A win is fantastic, but draw is enough as long as we score away goal. Barcelona will be the real test for Manchester United. Sir Alex and many people said this is the best team in Champions League, now we need to proof that. Our first obstacle is Barcelona and after that beat Liverpool or Chelsea in the final.

Actually, I am not worry about Barcelona. They are not in the best condition this year, many problems arise. They also miss Ronaldinho, one thing we must aware is Messi back in the team. Today he is Barca's soul. Beside  him, I think we must watch Bojan. Since broke the first team, he was really dangerous in front and scored some good goals. They also have many good players, but they will miss their captain. It must affect their defense.

Our defense this year is really good, if they play like that so our chance to progress to final is really big. Both team are attacking minded, it should be an open game and could get many goals here.

Go Manchester United.... come on Man Utd fans... give your support, this year is our year. Believe that!!

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