Friday, November 21, 2008

United Youngster vs Arsenal Youngster, Which One is The Best?

This question was in my mind since last season. Everybody knows Busby Babes and The Class of 92, during that period United produce very good home grown player. But this time looks different.

We still have very good young players like Frazier Campbell, Johnny Evans, Danny Welbeck, Da Silva Twins, Possebon and more. However if we look at Arsenal, they have a lot of young player and looks very promising. The latest result is in the carling cup, when they beat Wigan. The average age of the Arsenal team at that match was 19, they also put 16 years old players in there.

Is this mean, the future will be on their side not our side? The good thing is our young player have a role model or a mentor, the player like Ryan Giggs, Gary Neville, Edwin van Der Sar and so on still in the team and ready to help and give a good example for the youngsters. In Arsenal, they don't have many older player to lead them.

I hope in the future our youngster could prove, they are better than Arsenal youth and United will still the champion in the future


r1ooooo said...

United class of 92 is still the best.

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yaya said...

manu rukle

Thomas Rooney said...

Danny Welbeck is a real prospect in my opinion. He could go all the way.

Top site you have here by the way. Would you be able to email me when you get the chance?