Wednesday, September 24, 2008

United beat Boro in Carling Cup

Last night, United beat Middlesbrough 3-1 in Carling Cup. This result will put United into the 4th round in October.

This time the squad mixed between youth & veteran player, some of the debutant are Ben Amos and Danny Wellbeck.

With this result, I just hope the future of United will be bright. The upset news from this game was the injury of Possebon. So far there are no further news about the injury. Hope it is not serious, coz this lad has a bright future...


Navedo said...


Yesss, United plays with many young players and won easy!!

The best team of the world!


El fĂștbol es injusto

Tanmay said...

united are not going to win and you know it..BLUE IS THE COLOUR