Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Which player should we sign this summer?

Well.... still Ronaldo transfer news everywhere, but it is time to think about future. We need to strengthen the team to be ready for next season premier league and champions league.

Man Utd fans already aware that we need to buy a right back and striker... well if Ronaldo move out then another winger. Is there any player that cross in your mind?

For me, I love to see Benzema in United shirt but maybe it is impossible for now. Wesley Sneijder also a good addition if Ronaldo move out. However after I saw Russia beat Holland in Euro 2008, I think Arshavin also very good.

Come on... Manchester United Mania.. give your opinions..

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Ed said...

Hi mate,
you have one great blog.

If my vote counts for something, I would like to see Berbatov instead of Saha upfront, and to see Rooney playing Scholesy role in the midfield and Tevez as second striker with Bulgarian. Arshavin is great player, but if he wants to play for Barca, then we should not go for him. Benzema would be good option, but it is not realistic one. Also, Van der Vaart would be great signing, but at the moment we do not have enough space in the midfield with Carrick, Hargo, Anderson, Scholes and even Fletcher and Park. Therefore, I would like to see someone who is capable to replace Ronaldo in a year when we sell the cunt to Madrid. Also, one addition in the defensive line would be good. Someone who would be able to cover right flank similar to Evra at the left. Brown is good, but one injury of Vida or Rio would move him to the middle, and Garry is without a game for a year.

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