Saturday, June 7, 2008

Cristiano Ronaldo Transfer Saga

Real Madrid... Manchester United... Madrid...Manchester United.... I'm tired with this and we have to live with that until Euro 2008 over. Come on Ronaldo .....

Frankly Speaking, I don't want Ronaldo to move from United. We can achieves many trophies with him in the team, however after all the news and his approach about this matter I think he better move to Madrid. The latest news I read at that he already agreed personal term with Madrid, now depends on how much Manchester United price.

Personally I think Ronaldo has become arrogant, he had very good season this year, in England and in Europe and he knew Madrid wants to buy him and will offer a lot of money. He forgot that Man Utd, in this case all staffs, players, fans and the manager help him a lot since he came to united. When he came, he only 18 years old and nobody knows him and after the world cup incident, all the Man Utd fans, players and manager support him. Man Utd has done a lot in his career.

I am not talking about loyalty here, we can push him to stay here forever but at least he can obey the contract that he signed a year ago. He still have a contract until 2012, I mean if he doesn't want to play for Manchester anymore why he extended his contract last year?

Truly, as a United fans I become do not like him, well for me personally Ryan Giggs is still much better player than him. People may say it's only a rumor, Ronald will stay with Man Utd, if that the case I will say why he didn't say I stay in United, period. Don't say maybe or I don't now, etc.

I just remembered a case of Anelka, after a season that really good at Arsenal he become so arrogant and asked to move. The same thing with Cassano from Italy. Both still young and thought they are the best in the world and many clubs wants them.. you saw the result already, both player were a flop at their new clubs and they fell down to the bottom and need to climb up again slowly. This could be the case of Ronaldo.

Lastly I think it's better if Ronaldo just left, if he stays the team could become disharmony and if Madrid really wants to pay 100 million Euros, we can use that money to buy another player that equal or even better than Ronaldo and WANTS to play for Manchester United.

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