Friday, May 22, 2009

Man Utd will use reserve players against Hull

Some teams are planning to sue Man Utd  if they use a weaker team against Hull City this Sunday.

Come on man, United already won the league and on wednesday United have Champions League final against Barcelona. No point to use full team for a match that have no meaning to us.

Besides, United have a very big squad and always play to win. So, don’t worry. Although we use fringe players and young players, United will try to win the game.

Champion Again!!!

YEAH.... finally, champion again. Although the performance against Arsenal not a good game, the result is more important. Three years in a row for the second time, equalling Liverpool record to  won the league 18 times and another title for Ryan Giggs.

Now, I cannot wait the Champions League final against Barelona, United will create more records if they can win this.

United is the best football club in the world. Glory Glory Man Utd

Friday, March 20, 2009

After Liverpool...

The match against Liverpool last week was the match I want to forget. I can accept defeat, but lost agains Liverpool and with that score (1-4) .... oh no :( It was a bad day for Vidic too.

Usually United always give good result after a big loss, so I hope Saturday match against Fulham, we will be on the winning track again. We still 4 points in front of Chelsea and Liverpool with 1 game less, so United chance to win the league still very very big.

I cannot wait to see United finally win the trophy again.... :)

Friday, November 21, 2008

United Youngster vs Arsenal Youngster, Which One is The Best?

This question was in my mind since last season. Everybody knows Busby Babes and The Class of 92, during that period United produce very good home grown player. But this time looks different.

We still have very good young players like Frazier Campbell, Johnny Evans, Danny Welbeck, Da Silva Twins, Possebon and more. However if we look at Arsenal, they have a lot of young player and looks very promising. The latest result is in the carling cup, when they beat Wigan. The average age of the Arsenal team at that match was 19, they also put 16 years old players in there.

Is this mean, the future will be on their side not our side? The good thing is our young player have a role model or a mentor, the player like Ryan Giggs, Gary Neville, Edwin van Der Sar and so on still in the team and ready to help and give a good example for the youngsters. In Arsenal, they don't have many older player to lead them.

I hope in the future our youngster could prove, they are better than Arsenal youth and United will still the champion in the future

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

United beat Boro in Carling Cup

Last night, United beat Middlesbrough 3-1 in Carling Cup. This result will put United into the 4th round in October.

This time the squad mixed between youth & veteran player, some of the debutant are Ben Amos and Danny Wellbeck.

With this result, I just hope the future of United will be bright. The upset news from this game was the injury of Possebon. So far there are no further news about the injury. Hope it is not serious, coz this lad has a bright future...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

CL: Our title defend start here

After the lost against Liverpool (hate that), now we must face Villareal in champions League. A good win is preferrable... especially this week, United must face Chelsea in premier league.

The schedule this year are really bad... but we can't blame the schedule, we need to perform and win the game.

In this game we will miss Carrick and maybe Berbatov and Evra, the good news is (if this is good for you) Cristiano Ronaldo will play, maybe not for 90 minutes but will help our attack.

Come on United... after lost against Zenit and Liverpool, we must start win again.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Got Berbatov... now what?

Finally we got Berbatov, maybe this is the longest transfer saga for United, even longer compare to Hargreaves saga. In the other hand, we lost Louis Saha and Silvestre. We also without Frazier Campbell who moved to Tottenham on loan for the rest of the season.

Berbatov price, more than 30 million pound. Is it worthed? time will tell. I hope this transaction can improve our goal scoring record this season. After few games without a goal from our strikers surely we hope Berbatov can score a lot of goals for us.

The premier league will start again next week, lets hope with Berbatov in, United can be the champions again.