Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Are we ready for a new season?

Finally, in four days a new premier league season will start again. More challenges to Man Utd will be expected. On Sunday Man Utd start the silverware by winning the community shield against Portsmouth.

After I saw the match, some question arise.... Do this team ready for a new season? Do we need a new signing?

Ok, Man Utd won that match and so many chances created but in the end the result still 0 - 0 and we need penalty shooutout to won it. You can say we don't have Rooney, Saha or Ronaldo but in the middle of the campaign, those players could be unavailable again...

I really think, Man Utd need more striker... a real striker not second striker. Rooney and Tevez play deep, so we need someone that could finish it. On the match again Portsmouth, I saw Tevez play deep (it is good though) and no one in front could finish the pass into goal, even sometimes no one in the middle to receive the ball.

If we want to win both trophies again, plus FA cup will be hard to resist.. I really think we should add a new signing before start of the season. Maybe full back and striker... we already have many choices in the middle and goalkeeper.

Glory Man Utd!

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