Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Transfer News: Pique Left United

Another United youngster left Old Trafford. After Kierran Lee and Tom Heaton, now Gerard Pique left United to join his old club Barcelona. Pique agreed to sign 4 year contract with Barca. Pique join United in 2004 from Barcelona youth team.

Well, I'm a bit disappointed hear this news. Pique is an excellent defender. He is very good prospect for the future. I know, at this moment Vidic and Ferdinand play really well together, but we need to consider the future. There was a rumor Johnny Evans will move permanently with Sunderland, if this is true then we lost two young defender that are very good prospect.

I am happy we buy good players, but I prefer we build team with young player like before with the cheap price. Right now, although I hate to say it, I prefer Arsene Wenger way in Arsenal. He bought cheap young player with very good prospect.... like the old United did in the past.


r1ooooo said...

Okay..tolong buzz klo udh dilink, so ntar bisa dilink balik ^^

Aravind said...

That's foolishness by ManU

tanuj lakhina said...

I think its good for Manchester United that they offloaded Pique.In the few games that he played he was rusty and needs more experience.A team like Manchester United who is expected to win every game they cannot experiment with their players,especially those at the back.Manchester United anyway have a lot of defenders in their squad and their current transfer prospect,Micah Richards from Manchester City would be a good addition to the squad.

r1ooooo said...

Thanks..udah dilink balik kok.
Hope to see u around ^^

tanuj lakhina said...

Hey r1oooo how about exchanging blog links?I mean you advertise my blog and I advertise yours,what say?